“Gateways to Newark: Portraits” (McCarter Highway - Newark, NJ) Spring 2016
Inaugural Entryway Beautification Project presented by the Newark Downtown District
Curated by Rebecca Pauline Jampol and Lunar New Year

Funded by the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, through a grant provided by the City of Newark, and paint is being subsidized by Sherwin Williams. Other partners include Amtrak, Panasonic, Edison Properties and Ray’s Enterprises.

Featured the work of *Adrienne Wheeler (NJ, USA), *Akintola Hanif (NJ, USA), *David D. Oquendo (NJ, USA), Don Rimx (FL, USA), El Decertor (PERU), GAIA (MD, USA), *GERA (NJ, USA), *Kevin Darmanie (NJ, USA), *Khari Johnson-Ricks (NJ, USA), *Manuel Acevedo, (NY, USA), *Mata Ruda (AZ, USA), Nanook (MD, USA),  *Nina Chanel Abney (NJ, USA), Sonni (NY, USA), Tatyana Fazlalizadeh (NY, USA), WERC (Mexico) and Zéh Palito (Brazil).  (* indicates Newark artists)

“Portals” (Military Park - Newark, NJ) Spring 2016
Portals: A Global Public Art Initiative, Connects Newark, NJ
to Milwaukee, WI and the World

A partnership between Project For Empty Space,
Shared_Studios and Military Park, Newark

Collaboration with Newark Curators Fayemi Shakur, Randy Hayes Harris and Divad L. Sanders

Made possible with support from The Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School, the ISPS Center for the Study of Inequality at Yale University, the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Gateway Center Public Art Initiative (Gateway Center - Newark, NJ) 2014 - Present
Presented by Project For Empty Space [at] Gateway Project Spaces
Curated by Rebecca Pauline Jampol & Jasmine Wahi

Gateway Center Public Art Initiative is a series of pop up art exhibitions that are activated intermittently throughout The Gateway Center; a multi-functional building that connects to Newark’s Pennsylvania Station. Currently exhibitions are activated in a full functioning gallery space, The Gateway Project Gallery, in Gateway II, and throughout the entirety of the Gateway Concourse, which goes from the Station to Mulberry Street. The purpose of the public art series is to enliven community spaces through interactive and stimulating art exhibitions.

2014, Windup Wonderland featuring Daniel Patrick Helmsetter, Dahlia Elsayed, Hannah Craft, Hiroshi
Kumagai, Leila Lal, Lunar New Year, Jennifer Wroblewski, Marcy Chevali, Ryan Higgins, Robert Lach and Ruby Chishti.

2014, Emerald City featuring CAKE, Ariel DeAndrea, Tehniyet Masood, Diviya Mehra, Jaye Moon, Joseph Gerard Sabatino, Charlee Swanson, Kati Vilim and Joe Waks.

2015, You Are Here Now featuring Anna Kell, David D. Oquendo, Dana Caputo, Christine Soccio, Lizzy Storm, Geoffrey Owen Miller, Ming-Jer Kuo and Yeol Jung.

2015/6 "All Your Wide Futures" featuring Alexandra Desipris, Daniela Puliti, Cara Lynch, Tiffany Smith and Kelly Vetter.

NeWWalls Newark Public Art Conference (Newark, NJ) 2014
Presented by the Newark Downtown District
Organized and Curated by Rebecca Pauline Jampol, Lunar New Year and MataRuda

City As Archive, a creative conference that took place in 2014 stimulated a brash dialogue around the multiple possibilities and alternative methods in which the physical city itself can function as a public archival landscape of stories, narratives and voices; aspects which have and continue to shape Newark. The conference consisted of a series of panel discussions that explored themes of ownership, memory, nostalgia, and property as well as highlight public practice, community development and social solidarity. The goal of the conference was to provide momentum and excitement in anticipation of a sustainable, long-term program that will create public art within Newark. NeWWaslls Newark did not continue after this conference. See supporting press.

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