Rebecca Pauline Jampol is a curator and designer dedicated to cultivating impactful social dialogue and change through her interdisciplinary creative praxis. Her predominant interest is in fostering discourse through a variety of projects ranging from gallery work and publishing to public art programs.  

After graduating from Rutgers University-Newark in 2008, Ms. Jampol took a leading role in furthering the development of the city’s burgeoning arts scene. She moved forward to become the driving force in a myriad of cultural and educational initiatives including: Jajo Art Gallery; Glocally Newark; The 239 Collective (2010); Rutgers Future Scholars “I am” Program (2010); Solo(s) Project House (2010), The NeWWalls Newark Public Art Conference (2014), The Gateway Project Public Art Initiative (2014), Portals, Newark, (2016) and most recently, The Newark Downtown District’s Entryway Program “Gateways to Newark” (2016).

In 2013, Ms. Jampol began a long-term partnership in Newark, NJ, with Jasmine Wahi of Project For Empty Space to create a series of pop-up exhibitions under the moniker ‘Gateway Project Spaces.’ In 2015, Ms. Wahi and Ms. Jampol revamped their space into a mixed use space that housed both Project For Empty Space and a plethora of commercial artist studios. This ‘third space’ endeavor has since become a community for multi-disciplinary artists and a space for social discourse, activism, and change.

Ms. Jampol is also currently a lecturer and professor of design at Rutgers University - Newark.